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Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

[Environment]Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Expectations are increasing for safe, comfortable, and highly efficient autonomous driving systems that can eliminate accidents, reduce driver workload, and resolve traffic congestion, thereby helping to achieve a smart mobility society.
In order to realize a safe and secure autonomous driving system, we are developing a sensor fusion system that can detect the surrounding situation by integrating sensor data from sources such as stereo cameras and radars.
Data from this system is used by our autonomous driving ECU to make instantaneous decisions on acceleration, deceleration, and lane-changing.

  • ECU:Electronic Control Unit

Key Technologies

Sensing Technology for Autonomous Driving

For realization of autonomous driving, sensing is one of the key technologies for real-time recognition of surrounding vehicles.
On-board cameras and radars are used for omnidirectional sensing. The information obtained is centrally managed using sensor fusion processing. With this technology, we seek to achieve autonomous driving not just on expressways, but also on public roads.

Autonomous Driving ECU

The autonomous driving ECU provides various functions for autonomous driving, such as following a leading vehicle and lane-keeping system control. Our autonomous driving ECU is installed with a real-time database capable of high-speed data processing and management. We also develop applications that support driving on congested roads, such as following a leading vehicle on expressways at low speed, overtaking slow-moving vehicles, and automatic lane-changing. We repeatedly test these applications on test courses.

Main Applications

  • Low Speed Car Passing (LSP)
  • Auto Lane Changing (ALC)
  • Traffic Jam Assist (TJA)

Key Components

Image:Key Components

List of Products

Autonomous Driving Systems / 360 Degree Sensing Systems

  • Stereo Camera
  • Stereo Camera
  • Millimeter-wave Radar (Mid-range)
  • Millimeter-wave Radar (Mid-range)
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS)Control Unit
  • AD ECU (Prototype)
  • AD ECU
  • Central Gateway
  • Central Gateway
  • Map Positioning Unit
  • Map Positioning Unit
  • AD: Autonomous Driving
  • ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance System