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Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

Image:Hydraulic Option

Data table
Option Explanation
Instruments for
controlling load
during press
Load control instrument Digital display of force used in work.
Composed of detection part (load cell) and display device (amp), and provides a digital display of the load on the press fit or caulking at each stroke.
(In manufacturing press fit and caulking, process control is optimal. This allows high quality process planning.)
Pressure switch for verifying the pressure Device for verifying that the press is attaining the fixed, set pressure.
Safety instrument Ensures safety during press operations.
Oil cooler Device for cooling hydraulic oil.
(Do not use if oil temperature exceeds 65 degrees).
Ram down
Ram down throttle valve The throttle valve for controlling the ram downing speed.
Feed unit with two-step configuration for high-speed and low-speed Ram down-throttle unit is divided into two steps.

Maximum ram downing speed.

The ram downing speed prior to compression; used together with the above down throttle valve.

Sub-column Press's open height can be enlarged.
(please choose a value from 50,100,150....50mm through....500mm. 400mm is the max for 10 ton unit)
(Please use caution: if additional height is added, the overall height will also enlarge.)
Stand Stand for press installation.
Please inquire as standard and specialized specifications are available.
Sitting operation : 650mm
Standing operation : 780mm
Coating color (color specification) Standard color for standard equipment is hammertone blue-grey (if you wish to specify a color, please specify a color from the standard color examples given by the Japan Paint Manufacturers Association. Please inquire, as extra time may be needed for color-matching.)