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Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

Research and Development / Manufacturing technologies

Using the Hitachi Group’s wide range of fundamental technologies, including in transportation systems, we are creating high value-added products and enhancing reliability though repeated on-vehicle testing.

Materials Processing Technologies

Weight reduction is essential to improve vehicle performance and reduce fuel consumption. However, improving vehicle strength is also necessary to maintain safety. Thus, material fabrication technologies must produce materials that are both lighter and stronger. As an example, weight reduction of metal components is increasingly achieved by replacing forging with aluminum die casting. One such technology is semi-solid die casting, which produces material with microscopic spherical structures and low gas content. This material has excellent tensile strength and elongation potential. Thus, swage fastening is possible. In addition, the material can effectively substitute for extruded materials, since it can be molded into final form without the after-processing required for conventional extruded materials.

images : Materials Processing Technologies

Automation Technologies

To ensure a globally stable and uniform level of quality, it is necessary to apply automation to assembly and inspection processes. We have developed cooperative robotic control of automated assembly and welding processes, as well as automated inspection technologies. In addition, we are developing assembly reliability design technologies, such as using robots to evaluate the ease of assembly at the design stage, thus reducing assembly defect rates and cutting assembly costs. By increasing the rate of automation in the overall manufacturing process, we can ensure a stable supply of high-quality parts.

images : Automation Technorogies

Verification Testing Environments

Extensive on-vehicle verification testing is essential for automotive products in order to maintain performance under all weather and road conditions. We enhance the reliability of our products and systems through repeated verification testing on a variety of test courses.

images : Varification Testing Environments