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About us

We are a Global Leader in Technology and Innovation with a high Customer Focus

Our Team of industry experts, partner with Global Automotive OEMs to develop and produce the most advanced mobility solutions in the world. Together we contribute to society with technological innovations and trendsetting ideas as well as comprehensive competences. We always empathize with customers and collaborate to create innovation.

We offer a Diverse Portfolio of Competitive Products

We, as a worldwide mega-supplier to the mobility industry combine our global strength of innovative technologies and solutions in powertrain, chassis and advanced driver systems to meet the rapidly changing market conditions and contribute to society by providing environmentally sustainable solutions with enhanced safety and comfort. We are bold to do the right thing for customers, employees and the society. - Quality, Safety & Integrity are key for our business.

We Promote Collaboration and Teamwork

At Hitachi Astemo you will find a passionate and collaborative environment. We work closely as a team and empower our colleagues to take ownership and become creative in our pursuit of excellence. We empower our employees to speak up and listen respectfully to others in every given situation.

We Offer a Flexible Work Environment that encourages Work/life Balance

We value the health and well-being of all our Team Members and understand that a healthy balance between work and a Team Members personal life is essential. Therefore, when possible, we offer alternative work options including remote work, part-time positions and flexible work hours.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Our vision for Diversity & Inclusion is to build and leverage an inclusive work environment and embrace diversity to unlock our full potential.

By leveraging diverse perspectives through different nationalities, cultures, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion and lifestyle etc. our employees will bring their unique way of thinking and values in their full variety.

Diversity & Inclusion

This diversity in views and approaches as well a creating an environment where people are encouraged to respect and inspire each other, will enable us to adapt to change quickly.

We believe that this will give us the strength to drive great innovations to create new values for people, vehicles and the society, and to unlock our full potential to become a global leader in everything we do.

Personal Facets

Increase diversity of personal facets (e.g., gender, nationality, cultures, age, etc.) across all levels in the organization through diversified hiring and focused talent developments / succession planning.

Leveraging the richness of diverse views

Welcoming differences and different point of views by creating diversified teams and having a personal commitment to create an open mind culture.

Flexibility at Work, Lifestyle, Work-Life-Balance.

Ensure that we provide flexibility of work in all aspects with the respective policies in place which enable our employees to improve the quality of their work life as well as their private lives.