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Inquiries about products

・Inquiries about aftermarket products

Aftermarket products for motorcycles For inquiries about replacement products of KEIHIN, SHOWA and NISSIN brands in the following area, you can find your local representatives from the link.

If you are in the other area, please use the contact link in the right cell.

* For inquiries regarding SHOWA TUNING products, please contact the sales headquarters of SPK Corporation, CUSPA, the distributor of the product, at the dedicated inquiry e-mail address.

Automotive aftermarket products For inquiries about automotive aftermarket products in the following areas, please contact the local representatives from the links on the following pages.

If you are in the other area, please keep on going.

・Inquiries about other automobile and motorcycle products

We mainly deal with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products and do not sell them directly to the general public.
Therefore, please understand that we cannot answer questions about product specifications and performance, individual sales, model numbers and product numbers, product installation methods, and similar matters.

Autonomous Driving / Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Connected Technologies Stereo Camera, Millimeter Wave Radar, ADAS Control Unit (ADAS ECU), AD Control Unit (AD ECU), Central Gateway (CGW), Map Positioning Unit (MPU), OTA Control Unit
Connected Car Solutions Map System, Connected Car Security, Autonomous Driving
Electric Powertrain Systems Motor, Inverter, Battery Control Unit
Engine Management Systems Engine Control Unit, Transmission Control Unit, High-Pressure Fuel Pump, Injector for Direct Injection, Air Flow Sensor, Intake Pressure Control Valve, Electronic Control Throttle Body, Intake Manifold, Piston (Cooling Channel), Valve Timing Control System (VTC), VTC Solenoid, Electromotive VTC, Multi-waterways Control Valve (MCV), Water Pump, VCR Actuator, Variable Displacement Vane Pump (Chain Drive Type), Balancer (VDVP Integrated Type), Plug Top Coil, Planetary Gear Reduction Starter
Chassis Products / Systems for Vehicle Brake, Suspension, Steering, Propeller shaft for Vehicle, etc.
Brake Products for Vehicle Disc Brake, Drum Brake, Automated Parking Brake, etc.
Suspension Products for Vehicle Suspension Strut, Shock Absorber, Frequency Reactive Damper, Semi-Active Suspension, etc.
Steering Products for Vehicle Power Steering System, Power Steering Pump, etc.
Drivetrain Products for Vehicle Propeller Shaft, Defferntial Gear, etc.
Motorcycle Systems Powertrain Systems, Suspension Systems, Brake Systems, Marine

・Inquiries about products other than automobiles and motorcycles

Railcar Components / Industrial Equipment Vertical Damper, Horizontal Damper, Yaw Damper, Yaw Damper Car-to-Car, Variable Damper System, Leveling Valve, Differential Pressure Valve, Vibration-proof Damper for Housing.
Atsugi Hydraulic Press Press unit, Atsugi Servo Press
Inquiries about products other than the above

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