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August 30th, 2022

Astemo REAL RACING finishes in 2nd its second podium finish for 2022

Round 5 of the 2022 SUPER GT at Suzuka Circuit was held on August 27–28.
In the qualifying session that started with higher temperatures, Tsukakoshi took on Q1 and showed a strong drive, advancing to Q2 in 5th position. Matsushita took on Q1 and finished in second place, only 0.18 seconds behind the leader. The team took the front row for the race.
In the third 450-kilometer race of the season, Matsushita kept his pace while holding position. On lap 29, the team made its first pit stop and switched off with Tsukakoshi. He was gradually closing the gap to the two leading cars during the middle part of the race. However, the team made its second pit stop on lap 48 to avoid the congestion. Astemo REAL RACING was able to take advantage of the safety car immediately after the pit stop, and was running in the lead. However, due to fuel trouble, the team fell back to 2nd with 3 laps to go, and was able to finish keeping 2nd despite being closely tailed by the competitors behind.
With the victory, we have also moved up to 4th place in the series ranking.