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September 20th, 2022

A reversal from the perfect qualifying, the race was a tough one due to bad weather conditions and trouble

Round 6 of the 2022 SUPER GT at Sportsland SUGO was held on September 17–18.
The qualifying session started under the severe conditions imposed by the success weight (68kg) and fuel restrictor. Tsukakoshi took on Q1 and drove strongly without feeling his handicap and advanced to Q2. Matsushita took on Q2 and improved his time and finished the qualifying session in 5th place, the top position among the top ranking drivers.
The final race started under cloudy weather. Matsushita was driving at a pace that did not force him, but around the 12th lap, rain began to fall. The team instructed him to pit in, but Matsushita did not respond, and the team missed the timing to change to rain tires. The trouble was that the antenna for radio communication was broken during the race, and radio communication was not possible. Although we managed to change to rain tires, we had a huge gap between ourselves and our rivals. After Tsukakoshi took over, similar problems prevented him from responding to the highly variable racing situation.
Although we were unlucky and had a tough result, we are still in a good position to aim for the series championship.We will close the point gap with our rivals in the top positions at Rd.7 Autopolis, and the team will work as one in the final round at Motegi.