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September 21st, 2022

Watanabe takes checkered flag for 3rd consecutive win!

On September 17-18, round 7 of the All Japan Road Race Championship was held at Okayama International Circuit in Okayama Prefecture.
In the ST1000 class, #1 Kazuma Watanabe dropped to 4th position at the start and was trailing far behind the leaders, but in the last 3 laps he quickly overtook the leaders to take the checkered flag for his 3rd consecutive victory. In the JSB1000 class, #27 Kousuke Sakumoto made a good start starting in 4th position and moved up to 2nd, and then rode hard to keep the rest of the field at bay to take his first 2nd place finish this season. #39 Muklada Sarapuech, competing in the ST600 class, was involved in a crash that damaged her machine, but thanks to the efforts of both the rider and team, she was able to finish in 28th place.