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Oct 20th, 2023

Watanabe wins 3rd consecutive series championship, first JSB1000 class win for Mizuno

On October 14-15, the final round (round 8) of the MFJ All Japan Road Race Championship was held at Suzuka Circuit in Mie Prefecture.
In Race 1 of the JSB1000 class, number 36 Ryo Mizuno starting from 5th position lost one position at the start, but steadily overtook the machines in front and moved into 3rd by the second lap. With the same momentum, he passed the two Yamaha riders battling for the top position and jumped ahead to take the lead. He then carefully held off the chasing pack, but was passed by Nakasuga on lap 10, and then by Okamoto on lap 11 to slide back to 3rd place.
On the final lap, as the Yamaha riders were engaged in a fierce battle for the top position, the top two riders collided at the Hitachi Astemo chicane, and Mizuno took the checkered flag in the lead position to take his first win in the JSB1000 class. This was also the team's first win in the JSB1000 class in the four years since it was established.
In the Race 2 final on the following day, Okamoto (Yamaha), Nagoe (Honda) and Mizuno fought a three-way battle for the top position and Mizuno passed Okamoto at the Hitachi Astemo chicane on the final lap to take the win in Race 2 as well, marking their second consecutive win.
Number 4, Kosuke Sakumoto, started from 9th position in Race 1, and although he moved up to 5th at one point, he finished 15th due to machine trouble. In Race 2, he started from 8th position and fought hard for 5th position, but was unable to catch up and finished 9th.

In the ST1000 class final, #1 Kazuma Watanabe started from pole position, but a delay off the line dropped him to 5th. However, on the third lap at the Hitachi Astemo chicane, the leading Enokido and Kunimine collided and fell, with Watanabe moving up to 3rd. On the 12th lap, Yuki Takahashi, who was running in 3rd, crashed at the hairpin, and his bike hit the machine of Takumi Takahashi of the same team who was running in the lead. He maintained his 2nd place position and took the checkered flag.

This confirmed Watanabe's series championship title and his third consecutive win.

Thank you for all of your support this season.