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Dec 7th, 2023

ARRC Final Round - Sakumoto substitutes and finishes 5th

On December 1-3, the sixth and final round of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship Series was held at Thailand's Chang International Circuit. Kosuke Sakumoto took over for Passawit in the final round.
Before the race week, the team made courtesy visits to four sites in Thailand At the sites visited, the sites employees held welcome ceremonies, send-off parties, and photo sessions. Many employees enthusiastically cheered for Sakumoto, who was competing in Thailand for the first time, and we sent off the team to the circuit.
In Race 1, Sakumoto had a good start from 7th position and moved up to 5th, but on lap 7, he was passed by Kunii and dropped to 6th. Just before the final corner, he caught and passed Kunii, but Kunii passed him on the corner exit and our team took the checkered flag in 6th place by 5/1000ths of a second.
In the Race 2, he started 7th, moved up one position to 6th, and passed Kunii on the 2nd lap. Now at 5th, he chased the four machines in front of him. In the midst of a fierce battle for the top position between Zaqhwan, Andi, Azlan, and Markus, Azlan overran on the third lap and Sakumoto moved up to 4th. However, on the 7th lap, he was passed and slid back to 5th. On the 11th lap, Kasma blew its engine on the home straight and the race was red-flagged, with Sakumoto finishing 5th.
Thank you very much for your support to Astemo SI Racing with Thai Honda this season.