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June 6th, 2024

Whirlwind of overtaking from the back of the grid leads to 6th place finish

Round 3 of the 2024 SUPER GT, held at Suzuka Circuit on June 1st and 2nd, saw a frenetic rally showcasing the speed of both our machine and drivers.
In the Qualifying with 28kg of Success Weight saddled on the machine, Ohta took on Q1 and finished 3rd overall, in aggressive driving that betrayed the extra weight carried. Tsukakoshi taking on Q2 had a spin on the S-corner in his attack lap and his time was erased, resulting in a combined time of 15th place for both Q1 and Q2.
For the 3-hour race, the team started from the back of the grid. Tsukakoshi took on the first stint and was unable to overtake #64 (Modulo CIVIC TYPE R-GT) in front of him, so patiently awaited an opportunity. On lap 35, the team made a pit stop to refuel and change tires, and driver switched from Tsukakoshi to Ohta, who drove to the finish. The team returned to the course in 13th place, and Ohta's furious overtaking began. One after another he overtook the machines in front with aggressive driving, moving up six positions in an hour’s time.
On lap 63, the team made its second pit stop and Ohta was back on the course in 8th. Lapping faster than his rivals, he maintained a fast pace, overtaking #3 (Niterra MOTUL Z) to move up to 7th. Gradually he closed the gap to the #100 (STANLEY CIVIC TYPE R-GT) in front, and a heated battle ensued. The positions remained the same going into the final lap, but he overtook #100 at the final Hitachi Astemo chicane, winning the battle and taking the checkered flag in 6th place. The team started from the back of the grid, but through a sequence of overtaking, the team was able to finish in the upper positions.