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July 2nd, 2024

Astemo Honda Dream SI Racing to compete in Suzuka 8 Hours

We’re pleased to announce the Astemo Honda Dream SI Racing’s team lineup for the 2024 FIM World Endurance Championship 45th Coca-Cola Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race, to be held at Suzuka Circuit from July 18 to 21.

Team Information

-Team: Astemo Honda Dream SI Racing
-No: 17
-Director: Shinichi Ito
-Rider: Kohta Nozane, Taiga Hada, Kosuke Sakumoto

Comment from Director Shinichi Ito

This will be our third year competing as Astemo Honda Dream SI Racing. Last year we had a great start and were initially leading, but our efforts fell short with a 9th place finish.
This year, Kohta Nozane, who is back from the world championship, will be the ace rider, and the second rider will be Taiga Hada, who has been competing in Moto2 in Europe. The third rider is Kosuke Sakumoto, currently competing in the All Japan Road Race championship.
We will further collaborate with Astemo in the areas of control, suspension, and brakes, which are our team's strengths, and work as one team to achieve victory as "One Astemo." We look forward to your continued support for Astemo Honda Dream SI Racing.