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Comfortable and sustainable on the Road:
Hitachi Astemo presents TOKICO Shock Absorbers at Automechanika 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany

Did you know that 1 vehicle out of 5 is equipped in OEM with a Hitachi Astemo suspension?

Frankfurt/Main, September 13, 2022 – Hybrid and electric cars weigh up to 300 kilograms more than a comparable vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The battery that the electricity-powered cars carry on board is to blame. But the higher the weight, the more important the shock absorbers and suspension are for the ride comfort of the occupants. With its TOKICO product portfolio, Hitachi Astemo will present Automechanika 2022 visitors with solutions for suspension components that are among the world's leading technologies for electric vehicles.

TOKICO Shock Absorbers improve control, enhance ride comfort, prevent cavitation and contribute to a safe, enjoyable ride for passenger cars. The TOKICO MacPherson suspension strut restores damping forces, ensuring a consistent contact between tires and road and guaranteeing a safe handling of the vehicle. The hydraulic shock absorbers ensure maximum ride comfort even under severe driving conditions thanks to their unique rebound and compression control disc valve system. They improve stability and road holding while being extremely durable. The twin-tube shock absorbers additionally improve driving dynamics and offer the driver optimum control over body and tire movement.

We have made it our goal to supply a broad spectrum of shock absorbers directly from our site. Over 240 different shock absorbers are now available directly from our warehouse in Germany. Our delivery program will gradually be expanded.

The TOKICO brand is also represented in TecDoc, allowing us to offer our customers a simple order process. Have a look at the catalogue flipbook: WebBook | Hitachi Astemo | Global Aftermarket

About Hitachi Astemo

Hitachi Astemo is a major Automotive global technology company formed by a joint venture between Hitachi, Ltd. and Honda Motor Co. Hitachi Astemo provides world-leading advanced mobility solutions and leads the world in market share in several core product areas including xEV, AD/ADAS and motorcycles. Based in Japan with 90’000 employees worldwide, Hitachi Astemo has the global scale to define the next-generation technologies that will contribute to our social, environmental, and economic ambitions. Hitachi Astemo is making meaningful contributions to a sustainable society and an improved quality of life.

About Hitachi Astemo Aftermarket

Hitachi Astemo Aftermarket is one of the leading partners of electrical and electronic parts in the automotive and motorcycle aftermarket. The steadily growing portfolio includes products from the fields of electronics, sensors, steering, fuel delivery, engine management and chassis. Espelkamp regional competence center, takes care of development, manufacturing, sales and logistics of Hitachi Astemo’s Aftermarket activities for EMEA region.