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October 7, 2022

Exhibiting ADAS and EV technologies for next-generation motorcycles that contribute to the creation of new value at EICMA 2022 (Milan Show)

Exterior image of Hitachi Astemo booth (Exhibition location: Hall 13 A56)

Hitachi Astemo, Ltd. (President & CEO: Brice Koch; henceforth, Hitachi Astemo) will participate in the world's largest motorcycle show, " EICMA2022", which will be held in Milan, Italy, from November 8 to 13 (press days from November 8 to 9). At EICMA2022, we will introduce a wide range of technologies and products that contribute to the creation of new value for motorcycles.

At EICMA 2022 in Hall 13 A56, Hitachi Astemo will exhibit its first ADAS*1 technology using a stereo camera for Introducing system solutions for compact EV*2, which are expected to grow in popularity. In addition, We will introduce the technology that will create new value for motorcycles, such as an advanced FI*3 system that complies with the environmental regulations that are becoming stricter in various countries, various braking systems that enhance the safety of motorcycles, and suspensions that achieve both steering stability and ride comfort.

*1 ADAS:Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems
*2 EV:Electric Vehicles
*3 FI:Fuel injection

The main products and technologies exhibited at our exhibition booth are as follows.

ADAS for Commuter:

ADAS technology that links front recognition by "seeing" with a stereo camera for motorcycles and the deceleration assist system "DACS*4" to prevent accidents in order to contribute to a safe motorcycle life.
*4 DACS:Deceleration Assist Control System

ADAS for Motorcycle:

Integrated control ADAS technology that collectively controls "Driving", "Turning" and "Stopping" by linking the powertrain, suspension and brakes in addition to "seeing" using a stereo camera for motorcycles to achieve more advanced control.

EV system solution:

Technology that contributes to improving the environmental value of motorcycles marketed in the expanding motorcycle EV market, such as the E-Axle, which combines a compact, high-output inverter, motor, and gearbox into one package.

New and advanced technologies for each product brand:

New and advanced technologies provided by Hitachi Astemo's proud KEIHIN, SHOWA, and NISSIN product brands that contribute to the creation of next-generation motorcycle value.

KEIHIN brand

Under the "KEIHIN" brand, we will be exhibiting the latest low-priced small-displacement system compatible with OBD2*5 obligatory installation of motorcycles and flex-fuel*6, as well as technologies that contribute to improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.
*5 OBD2: (OBD(On Board Diagnostics)2)
*6 Flex fuel:A fuel made by mixing ethanol with gasoline. A fuel that is expected to reduce CO2 emissions through combustion.

SHOWA brand

The "SHOWA" brand exhibited for the first time in the world a new front fork that combines a high-performance twin-chamber front fork with a built-in pressure damper which is feedback from the race and a new-shaped axle holder that enhances the cooling effect of the brake.

NISSIN brand

Under the "NISSIN" brand, by incorporating an IMU*7 into an ABS*8 modulator, we will be exhibiting braking control technology that contributes to a large number of users at a low cost while achieving both additional functions and improved mountability.
*7 IMU:Inertial Measurement Unit
*8 ABS:Antilock Brake System

Hitachi Astemo is working on business enhancement and technological innovation through a strategic business portfolio consisting of powertrain & safety systems business, chassis business, motorcycle business, software business, and aftermarket business. Aiming for growth centered on "Green," "Digital," and "Innovation," we will contribute to a better global environment with highly efficient internal combustion engine systems and electric systems that reduce exhaust emissions. We will improve safety and comfort with advanced chassis systems. By providing such advanced mobility solutions, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and increase the corporate value of our customers.

Company Profile

Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.
Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi Astemo is a joint venture between Hitachi, Ltd. and Honda Motor Co. Hitachi Astemo is a technology company that develops, manufactures, sells, and services automotive and transportation components as well as industrial machinery and systems. For more information, visit the company's website at

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