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Hitachi Astemo partners with manufacturers to shape the future of autonomous driving together

Making autonomous driving a reality is now in full swing. Working together with vehicle manufacturers and IT companies, Hitachi Astemo provides comprehensive solutions to drive the digitalization of vehicles.

Autonomous driving is useful immediately for current business operations. Business innovation with the latest technology!

Concept of Autonomous Driving Development Platform

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API:Application Interface
ODD:Operational Design Domain
SDK:Software Development Kit

TCU:Telematics Control Unit
ECU:Electronic Control Unit
BSW:Basic Software

Growing and expanding technology from limited areas by providing integrated autonomous driving solutions

Gradually expanding the scope of situations and locations (ODD) in which autonomous driving is possible will be the path to achieving fully and completely autonomous driving. In particular, automation of work vehicles in certain fields and places (limited areas) such as factories and mines will contribute to solve labor shortages and improve work quality, making it possible to improve technology while solving familiar social issues.

Hitachi Astemo delivers highly functional and stable autonomous driving systems, with integrated solutions that include in-car equipment and cloud systems. We will continue striving to realize an autonomous driving society by growing and expanding our technologies in focused areas.

Business process innovation with more advanced technologies, through open platforms with leading companies

Hitachi Astemo has established a system enabling open collaboration not only with our service partners and cloud partners in the IT and communications fields, but also with autonomous driving partners such as vehicle manufacturers—providing more enhanced solutions leveraging advanced technologies.

AD-ECU:Autonomous Driving Electronic Control Unit

High-level autonomous driving made possible by linking car body sensors, control centers and infrastructure sensors

For example, by notifying vehicles with Level 2 autonomous driving functionality with infrastructure sensor information, it is possible to customize according to budget and situation, such as by enabling Level 4-equivalent autonomous driving in limited areas. We offer flexible solutions from autonomous driving functionality to business apps according to the business characteristics of each industry or field.