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Security and comfort for car users
Connected car security against cyberattacks

With the widespread adoption of connected cars, there is concern about cyberattacks from external (out-of-vehicle) communications channels. As WP29 (the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations) pushes ahead with legislation to address these risks, enhancing cybersecurity is now an urgent issue. Hitachi delivers reliable services through total capabilities that comprehensively encompass automotive, IT and security, and collaboration with partners.

Providing WP29-compliant security services as a one-stop solution

In recent years, there have been cases where manufacturers have been forced to recall cars due to cyberattacks such as remote operation of driving functions from outside, due to the fact that cars are connected to various systems. In light of this situation, international standards on cybersecurity have been established and responses are required, primarily in Japan and Europe. In Japan, compliance with laws and regulations will be compulsory for vehicles starting production in 2022, and it is said that security standards will be mandatory by around 2025. Vehicle security measures will be applied both during manufacturing and operation. For automobile manufacturers, compliance will be required at both organizational and vehicle lifecycle levels.

Security Solutions for Connected Cars

SIEM:Security Information and Event Management
IVI:In-vehicle Infotainment
OBD:On-board Diagnostics
ECU:Electrical Control Unit

Monitoring logs are distributed to each ECU based on vehicle-wide threat analysis. Gateway performs integrated chronological analysis of logs to accurately detect signs of attack at an early stage. False and over-detections are also reduced, reducing the operational load on the SOC side and achieving cost optimization.

Cybersecurity monitoring systems to match vehicle and cloud systems

Hitachi connected car security monitors vehicle, center and mobile logs in real time, quickly detecting the occurrence of attacks and minimizing damage. We provide one-stop services for systems necessary for connected car security (from in-car systems to cloud-side systems) together with operators and analysts trained and certified by Hitachi, and perform monitoring and analysis operations. We work flexibly with vehicle manufacturers with different systems to quickly and reliably support connected car security response, from incident detection to reporting to certification bodies.

Reducing operational load and costs through proprietary in-car IDS with a low rate of false detection

On the vehicle side, we design and distribute monitoring logs and provide software that efficiently collects logs, from vehicles to monitoring systems. Integrated analysis of logs collected in Gateway is used to infer attack scenarios and detect signs of attack in the initial stages, when hackers break in from outside the vehicle. Hitachi's proprietary in-car IDS (Intrusion Detection System) has fewer false and excess detections, reducing the operational load on the SOC side for both the system and its operators and enabling costs to be kept at a minimum.