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We provide the specialized software and know-how required for each ECU to realize vehicle control. We develop technologies, design processes and environments that help provide reliability, and advance our software development.

Common Software Platforms and Automation Technologies

Stereo Camera

As software development increases in scale, ensuring the efficiency and quality of software development is becoming increasingly important. In response, we are streamlining development by building and using a common platforms, where products share common features. By applying automation technology in our development and verification, we are able to provide high-quality software.

ECU : Electronic Control Unit
CI: Continuous Integration
CT: Continuous Testing

Cloud-Based Development Environment Enabling Global Collaboration

In response to the need for a standardized global development process and environment, we have created a secure cloud-based development scheme that can be used from anywhere globally. We use this structure as a project environment and also provide our customers with access as a service.

WBS: Work Breakdown Structure
SaaS: Software as a Service