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Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

We will contribute to the realization of a
sustainable society in harmony with environment.

As a leading provider of mobility solutions to the automobile and motorcycle industries, it is our mission to contribute to the realization of a sustainable, decarbonized society. We will continue to grow the number of our products that help reduce environmental impact, promote energy conservation and the use of renewable energy.

Initiatives for achieving a decarbonized society

Targets by 2030

Achieve carbon neutrality in production lines
Reduce CO2 emissions through advanced

Carbon neutrality in factories

  • Improve production efficiency including optimization of manufacturing sites
  • Retrofit and renew euipment for energy savings
  • Maximize renewable energy

Solar Power Facilities for Manufacturing Sites

Chonburi, Thailand

LED lighting

Tomi, Japan

Reduced CO2 emissions through advanced technologies

  • Provide highly efficient electrification components
  • Contribute to improved fuel economy
    • Engine management technology
    • Fuel economy improvement through AD/ADAS
    • Weight reduction of chassis components



Mitigating Global Climate Change and Sustainable Resource use

ISO14001 certification

We recognize that our business activities and the products and services provided by us are deeply related to the Earth, and we will actively work towards protecting the environment.
Our company reuses or recycles the waste products produced in our global manufacturing processes. In addition, we also achieved net zero emissions at each site.

Environmental Report

The following Environmental Report PDF data can be downloaded.