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Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

In order to continue to be a healthy company that is trusted by society, we are working to enhance our corporate governance.

We will ensure the integrity of our management in order to be a company that is trusted by all stakeholders and continues to grow in the future.

Corporate Governance System

We have established the Governance Office, led by the Chief Governance Officer, reporting directly to top management, and maintain strong governance across the company.

Enhancing risk management

We mitigate foreseeable risks and seek to minimize damage of incidents that do occur.

Maintaining the trust of stakeholders with a robust risk management structure


All employees have a high sense of ethics and are thoroughly committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Operation of a group-wide compliance promotion system
  • Strengthening the revision of the global compliance program
  • Expansion of the compliance reporting system.