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We are promoting activities that aim for sustainable development with all our stakeholders, including customers, partners, employees, and local communities.

We are aware of our responsibility as a member of society and are promoting actions to achieve harmonious growth.

Sharing and expanding joy with communities

Community Interaction,Social Contribution,Disaster relief,Volunteer activities

Local Greening Activities

In addition to deepening exchanges with the local community, we are working to preserve a rich green environment for the future.

Preserving ecosystems

Harrodsburg, U.S.A.

Tree planting

Abrantes, Portugal

Support for Developing the Next-Generation of Engineers

We strive to raise the next-generation of engineers responsible for our future—through internship opportunities to gain valuable work experience, supplying products to teams participating in Formula Student activities and experience-oriented courses for children. In addition, we offer hands-on lectures for children to promote interest in science, technology and manufacturing.

Formula students

Kid engineers

Sharing a sense of social responsibility with partners

We hold regular sessions with our business partners to improve information sharing and share our commitment to CSR.

Quality Assurance

[Quality Policy]

We will provide products and services that exceed our customers' expectations by working together as a team to provide industry-leading quality on a global scale.

In order to deliver products that our customers can use with confidence, we are striving to achieve globally uniform quality in products manufactured at each business site and region by enhancing the operation and management of our quality management system and manufacturing in accordance with quality processes.