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Dates General Public Days
October 26 (Thu)-November 5 (Sun)
*For details, please refer to the Outline page on the official JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 website.
Venue Tokyo Big Sight West 4 hall W4 204 Booth information

Items exhibited

Safety Area

The exhibit will introduce 360-degree sensing technology, which accurately senses the vehicle's surrounding environment; steer-by-wire technology that contributes to a high level of vehicle running stability on various road surfaces; Smart Brake technology that contributes to highly automated driving and improved vehicle safety and comfort; as well as ADAS*1 technology for motorcycles.
*1 ADAS: Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

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Environment Area

The exhibition will introduce motors and inverters, which contribute to the environmental value of vehicles; and energy management technologies, which optimize battery charging and discharging by linking not only sensor and map information obtained in the vehicle itself, but also with cloud services, and EV*2 systems for motorcycles.
*2 EV: Electric Vehicles

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Comfort Area

The exhibit will introduce "'Cooperative AD' on narrow road technology," which enables autonomous vehicles to smoothly drive past oncoming vehicles even on narrow roads, where it is difficult to pass each other. We also feature "Anti-Jerk Control Technology," which contributes to comfortable driving by suppressing unpleasant shaking and vibrations in EV vehicles. In addition, visitors can experience a simulation of next-generation mobility offering a “comfortable” cabin space and a new piloting experience.

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VR Theater

To experience how our technologies will add value to cars of the future, visitors will be able to experience a VR (Virtual Reality) simulation depicting Hitachi Astemo’s autonomous driving technology—which will realize a safe and comfortable mobility society—and testing at our Swedish test course under harsh conditions.