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Hitachi Astemo introduces a wide range of technologies contributing to the future of automotive society at JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023

Exterior view of Hitachi Astemo booth (Exhibit location: West Hall 4, W4 204

Tokyo, May 5, 2023 – Hitachi Astemo, Ltd. has announced it will exhibit at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 from Thursday, October 26 to Sunday, November 5. Hitachi Astemo will showcase a wide range of technologies contributing to the future of an automotive society, under the themes of "Safety: realizing a safe and secure mobility society with reduced traffic accidents"; "Environment: realizing a green planet"; and "Comfort: realizing a society where people can feel the joy of the journey through advanced mobility." The exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight will be in West Hall 4, W4 204.

Safety Area
The exhibit will introduce 360-degree sensing technology, which accurately senses the vehicle's surrounding environment; steer-by-wire technology that contributes to a high level of vehicle running stability on various road surfaces; Smart Brake technology that contributes to highly automated driving and improved vehicle safety and comfort; as well as ADAS*1 technology for motorcycles.
*1 ADAS: Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

Environment Area
The exhibition will introduce motors and inverters, which contribute to the environmental value of vehicles; and energy management technologies, which optimize battery charging and discharging by linking not only sensor and map information obtained in the vehicle itself, but also with cloud services, and EV*2 systems for motorcycles.
*2 EV: Electric Vehicles

Comfort Area
The area showcases "'Cooperative AD' on narrow road technology," which enables automatic vehicles to drive smoothly past oncoming vehicles even on narrow roads where it is difficult to pass; and "Anti-Jerk Control Technology," which contributes to comfortable driving by suppressing unpleasant vibration and shaking characteristic to EV2 vehicles when they come to a stop. In addition, visitors can experience next-generation mobility in a simulation of vehicle equipped with our in-wheel motor and a new steer-by-wire steering device—providing exemplary environmental performance, a comfortable cabin space and a new piloting experience.

VR Theater
To experience how our technologies will add value to cars of the future, visitors will be able to experience a VR (Virtual Reality) simulation depicting Hitachi Astemo’s autonomous driving technology—which will realize a safe and comfortable mobility society—and testing at our Swedish test course under harsh conditions.

Hitachi Astemo is committed to technological innovation and business enhancement for sustainable growth through strategic business portfolio operations by the Electrification Business Management Division, Chassis & ICE Management Division and Motorcycle Business Division. Hitachi Astemo will contribute to a better global environment with electric powertrain systems and highly efficient internal combustion engine management systems that reduce emissions, and improve safety and comfort with autonomous driving, advanced driver assistance systems and advanced chassis systems. Hitachi Astemo will contribute to a sustainable society and improved quality of life by providing world-leading advanced mobility solutions that satisfy our customers.

Hitachi Astemo “JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023” page

About Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi Astemo is a joint venture between Hitachi, Ltd. and Honda Motor Co. Hitachi Astemo is a technology company that develops, manufactures, sells, and services automotive and transportation components as well as industrial machinery and systems.

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