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Hitachi Astemo Automotive Systems (Changshu) Installs
Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Rendition of booth exhibit

Tokyo, May 15, 2023 – Hitachi Astemo Co., Ltd. (Hitachi Astemo) and its group company Hitachi Astemo Automotive Systems (Changshu) Co., Ltd. (Hitachi Astemo Automotive Systems (Changshu)) have installed solar power generation facilities at their factory in Changshu, China as part of their efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. The facility started operation on April 21.

As a member of the Hitachi Group, Hitachi Astemo is working towards the Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050, a long-term environmental goal aimed at achieving a decarbonized society. In line with this, the company is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality at its business sites (factories and offices) by the fiscal year 2030. The roadmap includes reducing CO2 emissions at factories and offices by 50% by the fiscal year 2024 and 80% by the fiscal year 2027, compared to the fiscal year 2010.

At Hitachi Astemo Automotive Systems (Changshu), which manufactures automotive ignition coils*, the company has introduced a self-consumption off-balance solar power generation scheme that allows them to pay electricity usage fees based on power generation without owning the assets themselves. In line with this scheme, Hitachi Astemo Automotive Systems (Changshu) has started generating about 1,200 KW of electricity, with an annual generation capacity of about 1,130 MWh. The company aims to reduce CO2 emissions by about 660 t-CO2 annually.

*The ignition coil is a component that supplies the necessary high-voltage current to the spark plug, which discharges and scatters sparks to ignite the mixture of gasoline and air in the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine.

Hitachi Astemo is committed to strengthening its business and delivering technological innovation through a strategic business portfolio, which includes Powertrain & Safety Systems, Chassis, Motorcycle, Software and Aftermarket businesses. Aiming for growth based on the pillars of "green," "digital," and "innovation," Hitachi Astemo will contribute to a better global environment by developing xEV systems and highly efficient internal combustion engine systems that reduce emissions. In addition, it will deliver enhanced safety and comfort through autonomous driving systems, advanced driver assistance systems and advanced chassis systems. Through such advanced mobility solutions, Hitachi Astemo will contribute to realizing a sustainable society and provide enhanced corporate value for its customers.

About Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi Astemo is a joint venture between Hitachi, Ltd. and Honda Motor Co. Hitachi Astemo is a technology company that develops, manufactures, sells, and services automotive and transportation components as well as industrial machinery and systems. For more information, visit the company's website at

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