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Supporting safer and more comfortable driving, with road space data and driving data

Through a combination of various data such as map data, infrastructure sensors and cameras, Hitachi's systems enable faster detection and avoidance of potential hazards. By accumulating driving experience, our systems achieve smoother, safer and more comfortable driving.

We provide map data according to the specific function and application of use

DGM Concept

SD-MAP:Standard MAP  HD-MAP:High Definition MAP

It enables the creation of high-detail maps for autonomous driving similar to HD-MAPs, from car navigation system maps

DGM (Detailed Geometry Map) generation technology enables the provision of highly detailed maps through the generation of lane center line level maps with a Model Converter utilizing widely used car navigation system maps (SD-MAPs). A wide range of maps can be created quickly, at low cost and with a high degree of freedom of combination—such as by using HD-MAPs on expressways and SD-MAPs for ordinary roads. The system can also be combined with sensors and customized flexibly based on the policies and strategies of the vehicle manufacturer.

ADD Concept

ADD:Autonomous Driving experience Database

(1) The more the vehicle runs the more experience it gains, becoming smarter and offering a greater sense of security

ADD (Autonomous Driving experience Database) allows cars to gain experience as they run, enabling users to expand the operating area of autonomous driving and improve safety compared with the time when the car is new. Driving styles unique to the driver or region will also be input into the autonomous vehicle, enhancing the sense of security for passengers.

(2) Use of cloud technology minimizes the need for uploads, offering labor-saving and cost-reduction benefits

Because ADD is generated on the cloud side it can be shared with multiple vehicles, while necessary sensor probes, etc., can be edge-processed on the vehicle side. This enables the system to operate with minimal necessary uploads and saves OTA bandwidth, cost, and server-side storage.

(3) Driving experience can also be applied to vehicles developed and sold in the future, making cars smarter from the beginning

By applying ADD in the design of new vehicles, it is possible to create and sell smarter autonomous vehicles from the time of production.