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Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.


Our society increasingly needs automobiles that meet high standards in such areas as environmental conservation, accident elimination, mobility support for the elderly, traffic congestion reduction, and comfort improvements.
To meet these needs, automobiles will become more connected, thereby increasing the value of autonomous driving and propelling automotive society toward a new era.
In order to create new value by linking automobiles and society through connectivity, we offer an integrated suite that combines our environmental, safety, and information technologies with the social infrastructure and services of the Hitachi Group. The resulting solution can provide autonomous driving technology offering comfort, safety, security, and eco-friendliness.

Key Technologies

Over-the Air (OTA) Technology to Update Control Software

As electronics become more widely used in automobiles, the amount of necessary software increases along with its importance. Software for vehicle control must be updated at appropriate times after vehicles are produced. These updates include security-related software, as well as the addition of new automobile functions such as linking with connected infrastructure. The Hitachi Group is developing technologies for wireless OTA updates of vehicle control software, and providing system solutions ranging from OTA center distribution to CGWs and control ECUs installed in automobiles.

  • OTA:Over The Air
  • CGW:Central Gateway
  • ECU:Electronic Control Unit

Key Technology Development

  • Differential update technology to reduce the time necessary for software writing and updating.
  • Flexible update control technology that can be applied to various vehicle models and ECUs.
  • Secure delivery technology safeguarding security between OTA center and vehicle.
  • Update error recovery technology that considers the ECU’s characteristics and cost requirements.

Image:Over-the Air (OTA) Technology to Update Control Software

IVI:In-Vehicle Infotainment TCU:Telematics Control Unit

Security Technology

A critical issue for connected cars is the need to prevent damage from cyberattacks. We believe that the key to security is encryption key management, which ensures mutual veryption of authenticity and protects communication channels between the center and the vehicle, as well as between ECUs within the vehicle. Therefore, we are building an encryption key management framework for the entire vehicle life cycle, from production to disposal, while using security design technology to develop the CGW that manages keys within the vehicle.